In a dark and cold era of history, a band of 7 dispersed into the world to vanquish the evil might of Lord Han, Ruler of the small island of Corth. The cruel and vicious Dictator, who enjoyed the death of his people more than the safety of himself, would prove to have been a simple target for assassination attempts but, his power was second to none.

These Seven Heroes were sent to slay Han and save the people of Corth;
Yukubo the Suave,
Ikari the Strong,
Senbo the Swift,
Mie the Stunning,
Okui the Stone,
Yoku the Sneak,
Taida the Slow,
defeated Han to save the people and rid the world of darkness. As soon as they appeared, they vanished to never be heard from by the public eye again.

5 years passed since the fall of Han and a new power rises. This new Dark Ruler is unknown to the country, even his cause for attack is a mystery. There is no hope for this small island unless a new band of heroes arises.

The Fox's Revenge